You Suck. Now Put in the Work.

Nov 3, 2020


Photo by Walid Hamadeh on Unsplash

“You’re NOT THAT GOOD. You could be good. But you haven’t put in 10,000 or the 1000 hours or the blood and the sweat and the tears to actually be good at it.” — Seth Godin

Before you complain about why you’re not making money on Medium, or why you’re not getting the recognition you deserve, or why you aren’t famous, or why you can’t have abs… remember this. You suck.

Okay, maybe not literally. But, you’re not that good.

We sign up for Medium one day and expect to earn a living after writing one article. You haven’t put in the work. You haven’t learned who your audience is. You haven’t learned what your readers like. You barely wrote anything online.

“A lot of people blog six times and they say why don’t I have a million followers?” — Seth Godin

Stop finding excuses and do the work.

“Ten thousand hours is the magic number of greatness.” — Malcolm Gladwell

I’m not saying you NEED to do 10,000 hours. I’m saying, “shut up and do the work.”

Oh, and throughout this post, when I said, “You,” I really meant to say “I.”




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